Your Story Worksheet

Your Story

In this worksheet, we will focus on what your “story” is. The accomplishments, challenges, and tribulations that has shaped your perspective about your life. We’ll get C.L.E.A.R. on what you want to create in your life. Indeed, why you decided to go on this Full Glass Living journey in the first place. Some of the questions may seem repetitive and that is intentional. Sometimes we need to reflect on our life from a slightly different angle.

It will be helpful to have read Part I of the book to set the stage for your own self-discovery. However, you can certainly begin this worksheet before having done so. The course is designed so that you can read the book along with reviewing the concepts & bonus material at the same time. Or, you may want to read the book for the first time, then come back to the online material. The choice is yours and there is no right way to do it!

Full Glass Living Companion Course_Your Story Worksheet.pdf
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