About the Workshop

Give Yourself a Self-Concept Makeover

Creating a makeover experience usually includes a new haircut, a pampering session for skincare and make-up, followed by an update to your wardrobe. However, you have the opportunity to dig into your mental, emotional, and spiritual concept of yourself to reach a refreshed outlook!

Led by Akita Brooks, Certified Stress Management Coach and author of Full Glass Living: 28 Days to Dump Limiting Beliefs, you will be guided on how to relieve the unnecessary stress and emotional upheaval from old beliefs.

Here's the makeover lesson plan...

By the end of the workshop you will:

  • Define the connections between self-concept, esteem, and confidence
  • Examine past limiting beliefs and how they may be affecting your goals
  • Assess three (3) life areas that could use a makeover
  • Redesign who you want to be
  • Put together an actionable list for empowerment

Workshop Curriculum

1:1 Wellness Consult

Get a 1:1 Wellness Consult with Akita to discuss what you learned from the workshop and actionable steps you can take.

Denials & Affirmations

Receive a Denials & Affirmation Mirror Card and use every day to let go of stress and limiting beliefs and embody empowering ones.

Mini Emotional Wellness Kit

Strengthen your emotional wellness practice with a hand-selected Aromatherapy product and Emotional Wellness Kit.

A Course Gift!

30 Days to Greater Self-Love Program

Sounds Like Fun, Right?

Click the link below to get started on your makeover!